Mauritius 2014

Had a great day out today visiting the south and west of the island.

First on the excursion we visited a crater but, to be honest, it wasn’t anything spectacular so I have not included a photo.

Next we went to see model ships being built, toyed with the idea of buying one but felt the stress of getting it home in one piece would be too much!

Next, a stop at a Hindu Temple – very interesting!

Next we visited the highest peak on the island with it’s waterfall

After lunch we visited both the highest waterfall and seven different coloured sands, created during the volcanic years


And finally, these tortoise looked more awake than the ones last week.


And I cannot finish without showing a picture of our transportation for the day.


Holiday Time!

We have finally arrived after what seemed a very long trip, although only 11.5 hours flying time.

Paradise Cove Hotel in Mauritius is wonderful and having spent the afternoon dozing in the sun it is clear that the friendly staff cannot do enough for you.





Restia Suites 2013

Had a great night last night, “Greek Night” in the upstairs restaurant. Great opportunity to try a lot of traditional Greek food and wine, followed by an hour of Greek dancing – to watch not take part in. Having said that, I would have been unable to move after the excellent feast.

Forgot to mention, Daphne got stung by a wasp. Whiskey came in handy! She’s fine now.

Restia Suites 2013

Having moaned about lizards sharing my day bed I felt bad this morning as there was a baby lizard lying dead at the bottom of our pool. Now don’t know whether he committed suicide or just fell in when having a drink but he ended up in the middle of the pool; may have tried to swim his way out.

Being the macho guy that I am I called Reception and asked for the pool man to come along with his net and removed the body. He came promptly and all was restored to calm!