British and Irish Lions 2017

Great afternoon at the Gullivers ‘end of tour party’. Bumped into a number of ex All Black and Lions players, including:

Wayne Shelford 

Richard Hill
And Martin ‘Nuggart’ Williams


British and Irish Lions 2017

So we are back in the warmer climate of Auckland (well 13/14 degrees is better than 1/2 degrees of Queenstown). Seems we arrived just in time, Auckland Airport is currently closed due to the lightening storm we are experiencing. 

Daphne and Jacqui appeared to enjoy their tea earlier this afternoon. 

They even had an egg timer to show how long the tea should steep before taken the tea leaves away. 

British and Irish Lions 2017

A great day yesterday spent on Bob’s Peak, overlooking Queenstown. To get there you have to travel on the Skyline Gondola. 

I was not impressed with Tony beating me on the Luge, by default I might add as a women and some kids blocked my path coming to the last bend. 
Winning the Luge wasn’t enough though, Tony then decided he should try a quicker way down the Peak, luckily the elasticated rope kept him ‘hanging around’