Coast to Coast USA

Day 8

Today we had only a few hours in Chicago before boarding the California Zephyr to Denver.
We decided to visit one of Chicago’s 29 beaches on Lake Michigan and dipped our feet in the cool fresh water.

Next it was back to Union Station and all aboard the California Zephyr. Estimated time of journey was 18.5 hours but we were warned due to the extremely hot temperatures, over 100 in Chicago, we may be restricted on speed and therefore the journey could be longer.
The Journey took us through corn fields and at one of the smoking stops, Galesburg, we pulled up along side an old steam train.


No more stops before dinner but by dinner we knew we were already some 45 minutes delayed.


1 thought on “Coast to Coast USA

  1. Denver – the mile high city, so very dry atmosphere. You need to make sure you drink lots – of water unfortunately!

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