Coast to Coast USA

Day 7

So our first night on a train is over. Picture this, you are on the top floor of a train and then on a bunk bed. The experience was both enjoyable and at times scary. The only way to describe the scary bit is by imagining that you are travel in an aeroplane through extreme turbulence. But I did manage a reasonable nights sleep.

We arrived in Chicago an hour late and then enjoyed a three hour tour with our guide Wayne. We had a lunch stop at the American Embassy (McDonalds), Wayne’s words. On the tour we learnt about the Blues and Gangsters, in particular Al Capone. We were shown the site of the St Valentine Massacre.

After the tour and having checked in to our hotel we went site seeing.
We had a drink in the John Hancock Tower, the 96th floor (signature Lounge) with great views of Chicago.


We then rode the Loop.

Saw the start of Route 66.

And took a walk through Millennium Park and took a picture of the Cloud sculpture. Referred to by locals as the bean.

In the evening we took a group boat ride down the Chicago River and onto Lake Michigan. An opportunity to take some skyline pictures as the sun went down.




1 thought on “Coast to Coast USA

  1. Mmmm, McDonalds- very classy! Let me guess what my mum and dad said ” the last time we had one of these we were in Switzerland”

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