Weekend sport

Not only were we let done by the Blues last night but today Derek and his team have let us down with the weather – what is the point of having the BBC weather app if it cannot predict the weather accurately. Was going to cut the grass and clean the cars but as it is still wet outside I will have to stay in and watch Glamorgan v Notts on my iPad – a hard day ahead!😃


Holiday 2013

This time tomorrow we should just be leaving UK airspace on our way to Corfu and Restia Suites Hotel, can’t wait! Two weeks of doing absolutely nothing apart from sunbathing, swimming, reading, listening to music, eating and maybe a little drinking!

Today’s Challenge

Even though the Lions lost I managed to get through the day without knowing the score. Yippee.

The naming ceremony was a great occasion.

The Lions were poor in the set piece and no ball for the backs to use – big improvement needed for next week – it’s going to be a big Saturday!

Today’s Challenge

Biggest challenge for today is to try and avoid the British Lions v Australia, second test, score. We are at a naming ceremony when the match is on so will have to record and watch later. Not going to be easy as the party after the ceremony is in a pub! Wish me luck and if you know my please do not email or text me the score!

The Weather

What has happened to Spring/Summer. Having celebrated the longest day last Friday, the weather seems to have returned to autumn instead of summer, high winds, dark clouds and more than the odd drop of rain.

It is no wonder people enjoy travelling overseas to catch some sun but is the fact that we all fly so much the reason for such inconsistent climate changes?

Two weeks of term time left!

It has been a very busy but extremely productive year at school. Having just completed the build/renovation of the new Infant and Nursery Block (The Lodge), work is now under way on renovating the old nursery, converting it into the new Sixth Form Centre, due to open at the end of August.

As soon as school breaks up, demolition of the present Infant building will take place, following which the building of a new 10 classroom building will commence, with completion in August 2014.

I am really looking forward to my two week holiday in July!

Sunday afternoon

Just had a really pleasant afternoon with my parents and my niece enjoying probably our only real summers day 2013. And before any comments are made, I know that May is technically still Spring.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky at either Penarth, photos below taken from the pier, or Barry Island – good to see Dave’s coaches are still in business even though Gavin and Stacey is not.