Lockdown Exercise

On Wednesday, 27.5.2020 I completed my longest morning walk, during lockdown. At 6.58 miles my route took me down Gypsy Lane and on towards Merthyr Mawr. As I continued towards the Stepping Stones, the Castle looked good with the early morning blue sky.

The Horses we’re enjoying their morning water at the stepping stones.

The Peacock, as always, was guarding his keepers back lawn.

Today, Thursday 28.5.2020, I decided it was time to retrieve the bike from the garage. A 6.1 miles cycle to the stepping stones and a short detour to the sand dues too. I noticed there were quite a few cars parked along side the narrow road leading to Merthyr Mawr, more than during previous times over the last few weeks. Is lockdown coming to an end? Hopefully not before WAG say it is!!


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