Europe – In or Out

On June 23 2016 the people of the U.K. took part in a referendum to vote whether to stay in the EU.  Yesterday the outcome of that vote was marginally (52/48%) that the UK should leave.  Many are saying that yesterday was the UK’s ‘Independence Day’, how wrong they are!  IMO yesterday was the start of the breakup of the U.K. Scotland, having voted to stay in the EU, will undoubtably now want a re-vote for independence from the UK, and will probably succeed.

Did those who voted for an exit really want to leave the EU or were they just voting against the establishment.  Many are saying that being out of the EU will mean better controls on immigration and less beauracracy, really?  I believe that from within the EU the UK would have been better positioned to make the changes it needs. We rely on immigration to strengthen our economy, our European friends are excellent workers who shy away from nothing, it is a shame we cannot say that about many of our British men and women and the NHS would not work today without overseas staff.  

In Wales, the valleys voted out but don’t realise that EU funding is fundamental to inward investment in those areas.  Without it they will be a much poorer place.

Farmers will moan that the EU controls what they can grow or not grow but EU subsidies are an important part of their cash flow.

The Leave campaign stated that the UK gives the EU £350m per week now they admit that was incorrect.  How can a vote be won on such deceit?

Will the UK survive from what has become another Black Friday?  Of course it will, we are in a much stronger financial position than in 2008 and we will bounce back.  However we will have to work harder with our neighbours in order to build new working relationships and trust.

And finally, to those parents who voted out, let us hope that your children don’t, in the future, live to regret your decision.