RWC 2015

What a fantastic game and result last night, well done Australia.  Australia looked well organised, disciplined and looked more focuses on winning against England.  Every time Australia had the ball they looked dangerous, whilst England could not find any gaps or rhythm.

How Michael Lynagh managed not to gloat at the end of the match, sitting next to Inverdale, Jonny Wilkinson and Sir Clive Woodward, is a testament to his character. The arrogance of both the England set up and English media is the reason why supporters of Ireland, Scotland and Wales were behind the Australian’s last night.  It was even suggested by Inverdale that one of the expected teams (England) should not have gone out.  Does he not realise where Wales are in world ranking at the moment, surely Wales and Australia, being higher up the rankings, should, and might I say, have gone through.

England and the English media now need to realise that the World Cup goes on with the remaining countries and without the hosts, but on it goes.  It is the media who can keep the profile of the event in the front of everyone’s mind. Please do not move the remaining games to ITV 2,3 or 4!

As a Welshman lucky enough to have a ticket for Twickenham next Saturday, I am looking forward to the party.


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