Weekend Sport

The season is coming towards an end and in both rugby and football this cannot come soon enough after poor seasons for both the Blues and the Bluebirds.

The Blues, having not qualified for a semi final in European competitions, have a weekend off.  Good luck to the Dragons tonight they take on Edinburgh having thrashed us two weeks ago in the quarter final, it will be good for Welsh rugby if they win and reach the final.

The Bluebirds have their penultimate home game tomorrow and my last home match as a season ticket holder, I cannot go to the last home match as we have the excitement of Judgement Day at the Millennium Stadium next week. C’mon Bluebirds let’s have a good result against Millwall tomorrow.

After all this sport I will probably need a few drinks on Sunday, looking forward to my Vineyard visit to Glyndwr Vineyard.


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