Derby Day!

A big match today as the Blues take on the Dragons at Dave (Rodney) Parade, or is it the other way around. Doesn’t matter as it is a very unpleasant ground for away supporters no matter what you call it!

Sadly, due to family committments, we will not be there but will be thinking of, and cheering for, the Blues from a distance – will also ask Tony to cheer for us too as he will be there representing our merry band!


1 thought on “Derby Day!

  1. Got to be said there was great atmosphere at Dave today – they laid on a family village with a decent band playing, and there were Doom Bar bars set up everywhere.

    Stupid second half display from us – don’t think we even got in their half until midway through it, and Anscombe lost the plot for a while.

    Drags worth the win, but they won’t get any further – and neither would we have.

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