6 thoughts on “Sport -Season 2014-15

  1. Well, at least we can say we beat the H Cup winners. In fact, as Jac just pointed out, we’ve beaten them twice out of three games

    • Very true and this season, as Daphne points out, we had a poor side! Great to see Ashton and Farrell with their loser medals. What a poor loser Vinapola is, would even shake hands with Jonny. Having listened to Jonny speak, Blues should sign him up in 3 years as Hammett’ replacement.

  2. Very poor from Vunipola – sulky in dressing room shot too.
    No class – unlike Jonny.
    I was disappointed, but not surprised, to hear that idiot Barnes saying that “even Welsh fans” gave Jonny a good reception. The man is a buffoon

    • Yes, couldn’t understand the need for that comment. We heard most of the match on the radio and the commentator kept repeating that it was Jonny’s last game on UK soil. What’s wrong with these people!

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