Match Day

Last night was embarrassing for the Blues, I don’t know about anybody else but I am looking forward to the end of season. Let’s find a decent coach, but some quality players and start again next season!

Big day today, Bluebirds v Liverpool. Would it be great to see the Bluebirds in blue and Liverpool in red. C’mon Bluebirds let’s show some pride and get our premiership season back on track!


It’s the weekend at last!

Dinner over, a nice bottle of Rioja open, second glass and the weekend has started.

Two big games tomorrow, Everton v the Bluebirds and Wales v Scotland.

Let’s hope the Bluebirds can build on last week’s result; a hard challenge but fingers and toes crossed.

Can Wales lift themselves in the same way they did after the Ireland defeat. They have talked the talked again this week but let’s hope we can finish the Six Nations on a high.

Looking forward to after match dinner too.

C’mon the Bluebirds and Wales

England v Wales

Well done England, totally dominated against a very poor Wales side.

Not sure what the game plan was for Wales this week, it seems to have been:

Wind the English up in the press pre match
Collect the ball and then kick it back to England
Make sure we miss tackles
Only make changes when the game is dead and buried.

It would appear that Wales are becoming the outcome of poor regional rugby.

Weekend Sport

So the Bluebirds finally managed a win yesterday, 3. 1 against Fulham.

Today, hopefully Wales can continue the winning way. Just seen a photo of Twickers where they have placed English flags on each seat, the Welsh fans should be able to make a few plastic aeroplanes out of those.

C’mon Wales!!

Weekend Sport

A big weekend of sport ahead following a disastrous loss for Wales U20’s against England U20’s last night (67 points to 7).

So the Bluebirds need to break their lack of goal scoring run today and come away with a victory against the bottom of the league team, Fulham. A loss today and it’s the end of surviving in the Premiership, me thinks.

Even bigger match tomorrow as the game of the six nations comes together. Wales thrashed England last year and whilst I think the margins will be closer this time around, Wales are still my favourite for a win.

Good luck to the Bluebirds and Wales, c’mon on boys you can do it!!