Weekend Sport

The weekend is here again and now time to settle down to two of my favourite past times: rugby, Cardiff Blues away to Leinster (live on BBC2 Wales) and some Scottish (or Welsh tonight) water.

Good luck blues tonight, time for a win after last week, and the Bluebirds tomorrow at Fulham.

Bluebirds v Spurs

Gutted! Spurs were the better side for most of the game, Bluebirds had their chances and Marshall was outstanding in goal. Bluebirds didn’t deserve to lose in extra time!

Disastrous results this weekend but well done Cardiff RFC with their result against Bedwas.

Weekend Sport

Congratulations to Glamorgan for reaching the YB 40 final. Unfortunately, the result didn’t go their way today. So two out of three games so far this weekend have not gone our way and it is up to the Bluebirds to restore some respect for Welsh sport tomorrow.

Cardiff RFC won today at Bedwas, so well done the Rags!

Weekend sport

Not only were we let done by the Blues last night but today Derek and his team have let us down with the weather – what is the point of having the BBC weather app if it cannot predict the weather accurately. Was going to cut the grass and clean the cars but as it is still wet outside I will have to stay in and watch Glamorgan v Notts on my iPad – a hard day ahead!😃

Blues v Zebre

Very disappointing match at the Arms Park this evening. Blues lost 25 points to 30. Blues were unable to convert any attacking play into tries, following their first and only try of the match.

Season has started badly, let’s hope things will get better.

On a positive note went home and had some penderyn whiskey cheese and biscuits just to overcome my disappointment.