Restia Suites, Corfu

Finally arrived! The flight left on time and we arrived early. That wasn’t the problem, the transfer from airport to hotel was. On previous visits it has taken one hour on a coach to travel from the airport to the hotel, today it took 2 hours 15 mins. I’m not sure the driver knew where he was going and a fuel stop for 10 minutes didn’t help. When we eventually reached the hotel the driver decided to drop us not at reception but 100 meters the other end of the complex, much to the surprise and frustration of the reception staff. But none of that really matters because we have arrived and as always it is a little bit of paradise, almost! (the Maldives is paradise).

This year our suite is on the opposite side of the path to the ones we have stayed in before and the set up is slightly differently, and in our view, nicer. The garden is larger and the pool runs the width of the suite.



The bathroom is equipped with the usual, a Jacuzzi bath tub and a steam room/shower.



The owners are not here but in Athens as Joanna is expecting her first child any day now.

Anyway enough of my rambling as I must get ready for dinner. I am looking forward to sinking a few beers after travelling. Oh and did I say, I bought a very nice bottle of Jura (Diurachs’ Own) in duty free, one I haven’t tried before. Will have to have a night cap or two each night, for medicinal purposes of course!


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