Restia Suites 2013

You know your holiday is over and it’s time to go home when your friend Jura has left you!

Thank you for being a friend during our holiday 😃

Restia Suites 2013

Had a great night last night, “Greek Night” in the upstairs restaurant. Great opportunity to try a lot of traditional Greek food and wine, followed by an hour of Greek dancing – to watch not take part in. Having said that, I would have been unable to move after the excellent feast.

Forgot to mention, Daphne got stung by a wasp. Whiskey came in handy! She’s fine now.

Restia Suites 2013

Having moaned about lizards sharing my day bed I felt bad this morning as there was a baby lizard lying dead at the bottom of our pool. Now don’t know whether he committed suicide or just fell in when having a drink but he ended up in the middle of the pool; may have tried to swim his way out.

Being the macho guy that I am I called Reception and asked for the pool man to come along with his net and removed the body. He came promptly and all was restored to calm!

Restia Suites

As well as enjoying the usual sunbathing and swimming, today we also enjoyed an anti stress back and shoulder massage – 30 minutes of total relaxation!

Tonight was BBQ evening, lots to eat and drink!

My friend Jura is also going down well, with half the holiday coming to an end there is still half a bottle left!

More pics from the hotel


Walk way between bungalows

Restaurant and bar

Main pool at night, from the bar

Corfu 2013

This is Lilo, don’t worry I have spared you the photograph of the beached whale (me) lying on it!


Now Lilo is great when you want to relax, sunbathe and enjoy the cool water. Not so great if you want to read or play games on your iPad whilst sunbathing though, not that I have tried it.

Talking of games, have you played Candy Crush, great when you are completing the levels but incredibly frustrating when you get stuck and then difficult not to get addicted to it.