Breakfast at Marks and Spencer Culverhouse Cross



Mine is the sandwich!


5 thoughts on “Breakfast at Marks and Spencer Culverhouse Cross

  1. Have reminded them that they still need to let me know that there is deffo a meat choice on the night.
    Pretty sure there will be though – so keep the date free.
    Tried the Corner House yesterday – pretty good
    Will get back to you ASAP

    • Sounds good, date in diary. Look forward to trying the Corner House next season or before if dates allow. Went to the Sportsman in Peterstone this evening. Food was ok but timing was not good. Waited one and a half hours between starter and main course. Decided not to have desserts as felt it may coincide with Breakfast! Neil Jenkins was there with his family when we arrived, hope had better service, don’t want him missing the plane on Monday.

      Fingers and toes crossed for a Watford win on Monday, are you going?


      • Wow, that’s a big gap between courses.
        No, having a quiet weekend at home this weekend, but Chris will be at Wembley.

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