British Lions

What a great day! Even had to suspend a meeting for 15 minutes at 11am this morning while we watched the Wales Team, sorry British Lions squad being announced on Sky. Sky Go on the iPad is brilliant! It’s a good job all those attending my meeting liked rugby, or so they politely said.

This afternoon having left school early, don’t tell the Headmaster, I went to do what all good son’s do and cut my parents lawn. The reward being a Chinese takeaway. Unfortunately, the Chinese was not open, how dare they, so we had to had chicken curry and chips. Not the same but it filled the gap.

Time to rest now!

‘Tell me why I don’t like Mondays’

Great song by Boomtown Rats.

Why do Mondays always seems to last all day? Still only one and a half more days to the peak of the week and then it is a bank holiday weekend, yippee!

Why does grass grow in the spring and summer? Why can’t it just grow to a standard height and then stop.

Has spring finally started, although still very cold but good to see the yellow thing in the sky – very unusual in Wales.

Brains Dark

Last night was a magners drink night but it has nothing on tonight’s drink – a pint of Brains Dark – just like the old days!

Only one more day before the ‘Party’ at Cardiff City Stadium. Hope it is sunny and warm but then we live in Wales so that is unlikely!

Magners cider

What a week! Broadchurch reached it’s finale (I guessed the murderer clever me ), a day of interviews on Monday and meeting after meeting for the past two days.

We are now over the peak of the week and downhill to the weekend – Time for a Magners.