Parking Fine

Letter from council today confirming that they have received my appeal. I have now been given a ‘Case Officer’ – sounds like I will be put into care next! They have asked if I have any extra evidence to support my claim; will send my photographs tomorrow. 😀


Sunday Sport

After a win for Wales yesterday and sadly England beating France, thanks to extremely poor refereeing – that try should not have been a try on many counts (Stephen Jones’ article in the Sunday Times) – let us hope the two welsh teams can be victorious today. Cardiff City playing away to Wolves and Swansea in their cup final at Wembley.

Also looking forward to a good match between Scotland and Ireland, may the best team win!

Wales v Italy

Well Wales won but a disappointing match. I’m sure the heavy downpours didn’t help but talk about playing a nine man game. Why did Mike Phillips forget he had 6 players outside him. Well down Cuthbert and Halfpenny.

Let’s hope the next game, England v France is more exciting – Allez Les Bleu!

Plan for today

Watched Hunky Dory, film based in Swansea, this morning. Had breakfast and now looking forward to Wales v Italy with pre match nibbles and drinks. Indian takeaway during the England and France game, washed down with a nice glass of red.

Won the Euro Lottery last night (£9.50), third win this year.

Blues v Connacht

A disappointing result on what was a very very cold night at Cardiff Arms Park.

In fairness to the ground staff they did an excellent job in preparing the pitch for the game, especially as the pitch was water logged for the last two games. Having said that there was more sand on the pitch than at Barry Island.

The result 26. 22 to Connacht is the second game I have witnessed this week with the home team losing, the other being Cardiff City last Tuesday. On both occasions the home team were just not good enough.

On a positive side, Wales U20 won out in a rain swept Italy tonight. The pitch reminded me of the Arms Park during the last two matches.

Let’s hope Wales and France do better tomorrow. Come on Wales and Allez Les Bleu.

Sporting weekend

Yippee, nearly the end of the week. Just over half a day tomorrow, followed by a good back massage (Physio) and then the weekend can start. And what a weekend in store!

Tomorrow night -Blues v Connacht (come on the Blues!)
Saturday afternoon – Italy v Wales (come on Wales!) and England v France (let’s hope France finally return to winning ways)
Sunday afternoon – Wolves v Cardiff City (City need to get back to winning and I will wear my new red scarf whilst following the game on the web) and Scotland v Ireland ( don’t really care who wins)

Will need a few drinks to enjoy all this sport.

Cardiff City v Brighton

At the ground early tonight and have managed to get into a proper car park – that will save me having another parking fine.

Time for some gourmet food at McDonalds, should be safe to have the chicken burger.

Looking forward to my free red scarf. Come on the Bluebirds!

Not the outcome we wanted, lost 2 0. Still the free scarf was appreciated, can’t believe the attitude of those who through their scarves away at the end of the match.

Visit to Kwik Fit

More frustrations today. Yesterday I booked, online, for an exhaust replacement this morning, 10am at Kwik Fit Bridgend. The first thing I was told when I arrived was that they could check the exhaust today but could not order any replacement parts until tomorrow. Why allow appointments on a Sunday if they cannot do the work at the same visit. Totally inconvenient!