Cardiff Blues v Glasgow

Well last night should have been a night for victory at CAP but being the slippery banana skin fixture, the Blues recorded their second home defeat in a row. Well done to Glasgow who came to spoil our fun. They were not a good side but they knew how to play the referee and that is all that was needed.

I don’t know whether this was the first competitive game for this referee but I sure hope it is his last! Some of his decision making was unbelievable and at times we questioned whether he understood the rules, at all.

Next game is away in Sale, the first of our Heineken Cup matches, tickets bought and hotel arranged. Let’s hope there is a great improvement in performance and that the drive home will not be about analysing how we should have won the game.


1 thought on “Cardiff Blues v Glasgow

  1. We were very poor, and the referee was worse. Where was our captain though? Kelloch was very “active” in assisting the referee with his decision making!

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